About us

Established in 1994, Prachee publications seeks to promote the publication of books in Telugu, the focus area being rare old books on history language and culture.

The initial conception started with reprinting a few old manuscripts. Over the years, we have made a marked progress and have successfully managed to add a versatile catalogue to our publications. Our Motto however has always remained in “Value add” to the society in any book that we choose to publish.

There is a saying “A good book is a good friend”. It tries to help you learn and open your eyes into a new world. Our publications include books in English in the area of social sciences. We are also proud to add to our book range Original or Indian editions of books intended for the careers of children with special needs, and their telugu translations. The prices of the books are kept down to the minimum possible, in fact subsidized. This is in an effort to bring them within the reach of every avid book reader, without compromsing on the quality and content of these books.

The consistent emphasis of our publishing has been on quality. Our distinctive titles are reputed for their quality, relevance and affordability. Papers are accessed from reputed vendors and after careful consideration. We selectively reprint outstanding titles/manuscripts to make them accessible and inexpensive to readers in India. The entire publishing content is reviewed thoroughly for grammatical errors, misprints, etc. and corrected then and there.