Recovering the Lost Tongue – The Saga of Environmental Struggles in Central India

By Rahul Banerjee

Recovering the Lost Tongue

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Price: ₹ 250

ISBN: 978-81-7443-031-1
Released: November, 2008
Language: English
Size: 1/8 Demy
No.of Pages: 352, P.B.


In this book we are exposed to the simple life style of Bhil adivasis, the story of their exploitation by sahukars and other non-tribals, by the forest officials, the police and, in fact the entire gamut of of the modern state; besides the additional suffering women undergo due to the patriarchal system and alcoholism is also vividly detailed.

We see how they are organized to fight for their basic rights and rudimentary justice which are denied to the poor. We also see what a heavy price they are compelled to pay for the modern industrialization and development.

A must read for all those interested in environmental struggles, in the problems of adivasis, for those working in NGOs, and for those who would like to understand the other side of our social dynamics.

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