Tricolour Shall Fly Over Hyderabad

By Dr. Raj Bahadur Gour

Tricolour Shall Fly Over Hyderabad

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Price: ₹ 20/-

ISBN: 978-81-7443-027-4
Released: Dec., 2007
Language: English
Size: 1/8 Demy
No.of Pages: 54


(Tricolour Shall Fly Over Hyderabad first published in Sept., 1947 by P.P.H, Bombay with an introduction by P. Sundarayya; this edition foreword by B. Narsing Rao )

In thousands of villages and towns of Hyderabad State Tricolour was hoisted on August 15th, 1947. It was the open defiance of the people of Hyderabad to the Nizam’s orders threatening with three years imprisonment for all those who hoisted the Tricolour.

This historic pamphlet gives the story of the Hyderabad People’s struggle during1946-47, analyzing the political and economic factors that have moved them into action. In the changed political conditions it would be enlightening to re-read history as told by an important actor on the stage of the past.

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